This is the online home for the Clé Club – the traditional music and singing club based in Liberty Hall, Dublin 1. The Clé Club currently meets at 8pm on the first Wednesday of each month – except for July and August.

The usual format for the Clé Club involves specially invited guests who perform for part of the evening – while the remainder features contributions from the floor, facilitated by a fear an tí or bean an tí. The key rule of the evening is that all musicians and singers are entitled to be heard in silence – unless, of course, they invite audience participation.

While the instrumentalists invited to perform at the Club play traditional music, the songs are drawn from a wide variety of genres. Given the Club’s location at the home of Ireland’s largest trade union, songs of workers, protest and politics – both historic and contemporary – have a particular resonance. But on a typical Clé evening, there is usually great diversity in terms of subject matter, style, nationality and language.

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