“You may strain  your muscles to brag of Brussels”

From Tithe Wars to Broadway:
A musical odyssey through the Irish Midlands

Róisín Gaffney

The Clé club returns to Liberty Hall on Wednesday March 2, leaving behind the world of frozen screens, muted singers and  echoey  pipers.

Join us in person at 8pm in the Cois Life Bar in Liberty Hall, as we go on a musical odyssey through the heart of Ireland with Róisín Gaffney as your tour guide.

Over the past two years Róisín has been on  a mission to assert the rightful place of her native heath and the adjoining baronies and beyond in the canon of Irish music and song.

Joined by musicians, Clare Eustace, Joe Ryder and Tadgh O’Sullivan, Róisín will celebrate the rich lore of the Midland counties, singing songs of town and county, of rows, ructions, and rebellion – and telling the story of the songs and the often neglected men and women who wrote them.

Fear An Tí: Séamus Dooley

Singers welcome from the floor: if you do feel like singing, do sing a Midlands song.

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